Pedal Feature – MAK Crazy Sound Technology

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For today’s post I’d like to talk about an obscure company making some impressive pedals – MAK Crazy Sound Technology (extra point for having a great name).  I recently stumbled upon this Ukraine-based company while watching Dennis Kayzer’s ‘Best Guitar Effects of 2013’ compilation and was really impressed with the sound quality and versatility of their pedals.  Finding out info about MAK and their products is difficult though because their website is in Russian or something, but check out their Facebook or Youtube page for sounds and more info.

Currently they offer three pedals, each with multiple modes and a leaning toward great synth tones:  the Octronix — an octave, shimmer, reverb, & something they call ‘synthaver’ pedal that sounds similar to the EHX POG or EQD Organizer, the Temporal Time Machine — a very trippy ambient delay, and the Space Reverb — a totally spaced-out reverb.  I think it’s awesome they take the time to pack so many tone features into one pedal when they could easily split them into separate pedals.  Aside from great sound quality, I’m a big sucker for tonal versatility.

After listening and doing a little research I was convinced I had to try one, so I ordered the Space Reverb from MAK on Ebay.  I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival (how long does it take to ship a package from the Ukraine to Ohio??) and will post a demo as soon as it comes.  In the meantime, check out their pedals and get one for yourself before everyone else does.

It’s great to see that anyone anywhere in the world can make a wave in the pedal community with an original and good-sounding design.  Good luck to MAK, can’t wait to play one and spread the word!

Check out the Dennis Kayzer video below and stay tuned for my own demo of the Space Reverb.  Please comment and let me know what you think about these crazy pedals in the meantime.

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4 thoughts on “Pedal Feature – MAK Crazy Sound Technology

  1. I love crazy cosmic sounds. I love the versatility and ease of use in the equipment. I like it when a different mood from one little box can get great sound politrila. Rainbow ideas and fantasies! I am glad that many musicians can use our devices quite differently in their recent findings creativity. Guys, our and your task is to make the world brighter music! Thank you guys! Sincerely, Alex.

    • Alex, what you describe is what I love too, which is what brought me to your pedals. “Rainbow ideas and fantasies…” I love it and am making this my personal motto. Thanks for commenting and thanks for making awesome pedals! Good luck to you and your company!!!

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